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All Around

Complete know-how for real pioneers in Tunnelling, Mining, and Exploration


Advancing safely and efficiently - for all kinds of infrastructure

________________ Herrenknecht is the leading premium provider worldwide for all-around technical solutions in mechanized tunnelling. Together with our customers we can deal with the most difficult challenges. Our machines render top performances on our client's road to success.

Metro, railway, road, utility, pipeline, hydropower, mining and exploration: Herrenknecht's references include more than 3,700 completed projects around the world. Our tunnelling technology helps to build tunnels, pipelines, shafts and production wells in all ground conditions with diameters ranging from 0.10 to 19 meters. Pioneering technology from Herrenknecht is always involved when paving the way for the future. It ensures safe progress when constructing modern infrastructures in all areas of application. Exactly where they are needed.

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