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Traffic Tunnelling

Record-breaking tunnelling technology for modern traffic infrastructures

________________ Sustainable megatrends generate a constantly high demand for new traffic systems. The successful economic development of so-called megacities requires appropriate infrastructures.

Construction companies have produced hundreds of kilometers of new tunnels in the diameter range > 4.20 meters using Herrenknecht technology. Building upon this unique expertise, we are able to offer optimally adapted technical solutions for all kinds of projects worldwide. Together with our customers we can deal with all challenges in tunnel construction - within scheduled budgets and construction times, while ensuring the greatest possible safety for people and the environment.

We deliver tunnelling technology which is adapted to the customer's needs with high planning safety regarding construction times and project costs. With diameters ranging up to 19 meters, our tunnel boring machines excavate metro, railway, road and passenger tunnels through all kinds of ground conditions. This will relieve mobility bottlenecks in many regions of the world.


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