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Water / Sewage / Electricity

The trenchless way for quick, clean installations

Crossing beneath the Havel river: a 110 m-long protection tunnel (here under construction) for the district heating supply in Berlin.

________________  Herrenknecht tunnelling technology has helped to build new, efficient supply and disposal infrastructures in more than 80 countries worldwide. On the basis of our entire range of methods, we work closely with our customers and develop tailormade technical solutions. Together, we overcome all challenges and create robust, sustainable tunnel structures – within budget and on time, maximizing safety for people and cities.

Exemplary jobsite overview: Efficient supply and disposal systems can be created safely with Herrenknecht technology – even under extremely tight space constraints.

Tried-and-tested tunnelling technologies and methods by Herrenknecht are used to efficiently and safely drill beneath the seabed, ensuring optimum protection of sensitive ecosystems.

More than 850 utility tunnelling machines from Herrenknecht are in operation around the world, mainly in inner-city areas.

Use of Herrenknecht utility equipment according to areas of application. The size of the circles indicates the number of projects.
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