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School leavers

The right decision for your future

________________ Choosing a career is a major decision for your whole life. You have successfully completed school or are about to and you are looking for an apprenticeship or study place with good prospects for the future? An apprenticeship or studying in the Herrenknecht Group offers you a variety of perspectives.

Whichever trade or course of study you choose – we will give you a practical and solid grounding that makes you fit for your professional future. Often it is our common future, for many trainees and students take on a promising position with us after completing training.

Find out on these pages about our apprenticeship trades and study courses and make the right choice for you.

You can find available apprenticeships and study places in our Application Center.

Vocational training – the ideal start to a successful career

For the technical and the commercial carreer Herrenknecht offers an excellent training.

After successful graduation from school, vocational training is the first major step towards the future. Choosing the right apprenticeship trade and the right training facility is often a difficult decision. Here you can be sure that we will provide you with sound and practical support in the process of learning and developing the skills and abilities necessary for working life.

In the Herrenknecht Group you have a choice of several different apprenticeship occupations with excellent future prospects. Whether you choose the technical or the commercial side – you can be sure of getting excellent training at Herrenknecht.

On this page we present our apprenticeship trades so you can make the choice that is right for you.

  • Construction mechanic (metallurgy/marine engineering) 
  • Industrial mechanic 
  • Cutting machine operator
  • Electronics engineer for industrial engineering 
  • Mechatronics engineer 
  • Mining technologist (specialized in: deep drilling technology)

  • Industrial management assistant
  • Technical product designer
  • IT systems electronics engineer
  • IT systems management assistant
  • IT specialist

All information about the individual apprenticeship occupations can be found in our information brochure in the media basket.

Not all occupations have vacancies year-round. In our Application Center you can find currently advertised vacancies. We look forward to receiving your application.

Cooperative State University – Intensive and with high practical relevance

Herrenknecht supports students of Cooperative State Universities financially, organizationally and technically.

Want to combine theory and practice in studies at the Cooperative State University? Take advantage of the benefits: with a short period of study and the acquisition of practical experience you have good chances to be accepted at Herrenknecht afterwards. Successfully complete your studies with us – intensively, practically and fast.

Sound theoretical knowledge and early practical experience open up excellent career opportunities for you. By alternating between three-month theoretical and practical phases, in addition to methodical and technical knowledge you will also develop the personal and professional skills important in the workplace. Throughout the study period we will support you financially, organizationally and of course technically. 

Thanks to the conferment of university status in 2009, a degree from the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University is certain of international recognition.

Find out here about the courses offered by Herrenknecht together with the Cooperative State University.


  • Bachelor Of Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Mechanic
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (DH) / Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor Of Arts (DH) / Business Administration – Industrial / Business Administration – International Business 
  • Bachelor Of Science (DH) / Business Informatics / Electronic Business

All information about the individual courses can be found in our information brochure in the media basket.

You can find available places in our Application Center. We look forward to receiving your application.

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