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Science and Education

Actively promoting the clever minds of tomorrow

________________ About 200 apprentices learn a profession at Herrenknecht AG. However, our responsibility towards young people is not only an internal matter. Outside the company too, Herrenknecht supports young people with financial contributions for various school and student educational projects – whether national or international.


Since the summer of 2014, Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht has been a member of the Senate of acatech, the German Academy of Science and Engineering. The Senate advises the Academy on strategic issues and brings together the suggestions from the business community. Priorities of the organization are scientific recommendations for policymakers and society in technology-related issues of the future. It also provides a platform for the transfer of knowledge between science and industry and works to encourage the next generation in science and engineering. acatech represents the interests of engineering science both nationally and internationally.

Herrenknecht scholarship to Braunschweig Technical University

Herrenknecht provides funding for students at the Carolo Wilhelmina University in Braunschweig for stays abroad, studies at universities in other countries and for internships at jobsites or engineering offices abroad.


Founded as an initiative of ITA 2009, ITACET (Foundation for Education and Training on Tunnelling and Underground Space Use) focuses on the organization of training and further education events worldwide. With a network of more than 125 speakers, more than 30 training and qualification modules have already been carried out. As a result, ITACET has already reached thousands of students in over 20 countries. Herrenknecht is one of six founding members of the initiative.

Max Planck Grammar School, Lahr

Under the motto "high-tech sets a precedent" Herrenknecht promotes scientific and technical lessons at the Max Planck Grammar School in Lahr. The company promotes practice-oriented teaching in physics, chemistry, biology and geography by providing funding and materials totaling 35,000 euros annually. Since 2011 Herrenknecht has also participated in the organization of the school’s annual

Endowed Chair in Petrophysics

Dr.-Ing. E. h. Martin Herrenknecht has established a foundation for the chair in "Technical Petrophysics" at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, which is to give important impulses to geothermal energy research.

Wissensfabrik – Companies for Germany

Herrenknecht is a partner of the Wissensfabrik, a „knowledge factory“ which aims to make the business location Germany more sustainable and the next generation fit for global competition. For more than 10 years the initiative has been calling on politicians and business to work more closely together in order to promote education and entrepreneurship in Germany. Meanwhile more than 120 companies and foundations are involved in the nationwide network: a platform to share knowledge and thereby increase it. Since the founding, members of the Wissensfabrik have concluded around 2,500 educational partnerships and thus worked to foster knowledge transfer and skills development in science, technology, economic education and entrepreneurship.

The projects also promote technical, personal, methodological and social skills among all participants. A key emphasis of the organization is on education projects for nursery and primary schools. Herrenknecht is actively involved in "KiTec – Children discover technology" in five regional schools. The aim of the project is to get the younger generation excited about science and technology, to teach economic relationships in a lively and practical way and to strengthen basic language and reading skills.

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