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Slant Directional Drilling - SDD

Straight to the target – drilling method for the efficient exploration of oil and gas deposits

________________ The reliable supply of the global economy with oil and natural gas for energy production or as a raw material for a variety of products depends on the technical ability to tap the deposits and on regional and global political developments. In order to reduce dependence on conventional oil and natural gas deposits, the industry is increasingly focusing on alternative sources, such as smaller deposits and unconventionally extractable oils and gases.

The strengths of horizontal and vertical drilling technology for oil and gas production

Herrenknecht developed the Slant Directional Drilling method (SDD) for the exploration of near-surface conventional or unconventional oil and gas deposits (onshore). It combines the technology and advantages of proven Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD, entry angle between 8 and 18 degrees) and Vertical Directional Drilling (VDD, entry angle 90 degrees) and can be used up to a maximum depth of 1,700 meters. In both drilling technologies, Herrenknecht has excellent expertise based on years of experience in development and in successful project operations. In the areas of machine technology and modularity the development of SDD drew largely on the field of horizontal drilling, while for rig and borehole safety, on the other hand, vertical drilling technology served as the model.

Flexibility, power, precision, mobility

The possible entry angles of the SDD rig are between 8 and 90 degrees.

The outstanding feature of Herrenknecht's SDD rigs is the extremely wide range of possible entry angles: from a very shallow 8 degrees to vertical 90 degrees, thereby very quickly reaching the required depth. Deposits at shallower depths, for example, can be reached in shorter time at an angle of entry of 30 degrees, since fast horizontal deflection is possible here for drilling further to the targeted deposit.

Herrenknecht developed the drilling method Slant Directional Drilling (SDD) for the exploration of near-surface conventional or unconventional oil and gas deposits (onshore).

Equipped with a high thrust force, boreholes close to the surface with long horizontal sections are no problem. During ongoing drilling operations the powerful hydraulic system permits precise and infinitely variable adjustment of all operating parameters to match current project conditions, such as force, torque and speed. The pipe handling system feeds the drill rods quickly and safely. The rack and pinion drive allows significantly longer horizontal deflections than conventional vertical drilling rigs with a cable winch. Thanks to the crawler unit the rig has good mobility, which facilitates quick changes between the drilling locations of a project.

No detours to energy deposits with SDD

Herrenknecht's SDD rig is ideally suited for the development of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) or oil sands, which in the USA and Australia, for example, are now a significant part of national production volume.

With entry angles of between 8 and 90 degrees, SDD makes it possible to quickly drill to the required depth and then directly deflect the same borehole horizontally.

Here conventional methods must first sink a vertical borehole, followed by a second borehole which follows the coal layer horizontally. Depending on project conditions, this procedure must be repeated several times. By contrast, with entry angles of between 8 and 90 degrees, SDD makes it possible to quickly drill to the required depth and then directly deflect the same borehole horizontally. With the powerful rack-and-pinion drive, the SDD Rig drills significantly longer horizontal deflections and thus increases the efficiency of the bore compared to conventional rigs with a cable winch.

Other application options

In addition to oil and gas projects, the strengths of Herrenknecht's SDD rigs come to the fore wherever drilling projects require entry angles to be flexibly adapted specifically to the project: such as for outfall and intake drilling in the areas of water and sewage or for small hydropower plants. A relatively new field of application is the development of geothermal energy, which is used, for example, for heating and cooling residential and industrial buildings or greenhouses and for generating electricity. If necessary, SDD Rigs also assume the role of a classic HDD rig.

  • Drilling method for the economically efficient development of near-surface oil and gas deposits at depths of up 1,700 m
  • Technology fusion of HDD and VDDDrilling entry angle from 8 to 90 degrees
  • Powerful rack-and-pinion drive for high drilling precision
  • Infinitely variable and precisely adjustable hydraulics
  • Crawler unit
  • Tripping speed: up to 230 m/h
  • Explosion-proof according to Directive 2014/34/EU

+ Higher degree of efficiency than conventional drilling methods
+ Innovative method based on proven technology
+ Significantly longer deflection bores
+ High mobility
+ Worldwide service and support

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