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Premium technology and quality for our clients


Top technology and expertise ensure progress

________________ Herrenknecht's product portfolio is both the broadest and deepest in mechanized tunnelling technology. No matter whether soft loam or the hardest granite. Our machines, which have been tried and tested worldwide, prevail when tackling the underground, robustly and reliably. Rendering a convincing balance of services both in economic and ecological respects. Since "safety first" is always an issue when building underground structures, our tunnelling machines are also the first choice in this respect - for the staff, building quality and aboveground structures.

With our innovative high-tech methods and globally leading quality standards, which start as early as in design and factory assembly, we are an extremely reliable premium partner when building underground infrastructures. Leading top technology, comprehensive additional equipment, our more than 35 years of diversified project expertise as well as real team spirit ensure constant progress. Also for your project and always until final breakthrough.

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