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Process data management

Information systems for better control during tunnelling

________________ Each tunnel project is a highly complex process in which all the individual steps must follow a precise master plan. Therefore, the continuous monitoring of the construction progress at every stage and real-time information for everyone involved are of enormous importance. Information and monitoring systems optimize all tunnelling processes with highly sensitive multi-sensor networks. They provide the basis for the construction companies to monitor key construction and production processes at all times. To meet all these requirements, Herrenknecht‘s subsidiary VMT GmbH provides various systems to automate processes and minimize risks.

Keeping an eye on the entire process at all times

Communication in the tunnel and on large-scale jobsites is playing an increasingly important role in the coordination of construction processes and safety. IRIS (Integrated Risk and Information System powered by ITC) is an integrated system for process data management (see chart).

IRIS.tunnel, with its collection, analysis and evaluation functions, was designed specifically for tunnel construction using TBMs. It links up all data concerning the machine technology, the navigation and the construction progress in real time, thereby increasing process expertise. IRIS.geomonitoring focuses on handling data from the system monitoring installations and structures that are critical for safety and complements the deformation monitoring. The HADES communication system ensures that all those involved are in contact with one another, can be located and warned both during working operations and in emergency situations. It provides seamless radio coverage, telephony, video surveillance, access control, people and vehicle tracking, emergency alarm and fire rescue concepts on largescale jobsites both above and below ground.

+ Process data management for risk assessment ensures more cost efficiency in tunnel construction
+ Real-time monitoring and information for increased safety during the tunnelling process
+ Networking of man and machine for improved communication
+ Storage of all relevant tunnelling data in a database

Segments according to plan

Information and monitoring systems optimize all tunnelling processes with highly sensitive multi-sensor networks.

With the SDS Segment Documentation System, each individual segment is monitored geometrically and logistically until it is installed in the tunnel. Up-to-date key figures allow for the planning of production and storage capacities and complete documentation.

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