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With integrated protection

Perfectly sealed: Combisegments®

________________ The concept of Combisegments® has been specifically developed for lining tunnels with segments with a minimum inner diameter of 2 meters. The flexible moulding technology means segments can be manufactured to customer specifications, no matter how diverse they are. Whether water, sewage or cable ducts, Combisegments® combine segmental lining and the final completion of the tunnel in a single work step. The integrated protection layer made of plastic (inliner) provides excellent corrosion protection, for example, against aggressive wastewater. In comparison to the double-shell lining, Combisegments®need less space, thus reducing the excavation diameter. A second lining step is not necessary, since the inliner is already anchored in the mould with the concrete segment during segment production. This innovative material combination of reinforced concrete and inliner with an integrated sealing profile offers great potential for saving time and money in supply and disposal tunnels, especially in the sewage sector.

+ Tunnel lining for supply and disposal tunnels in a single step
+ Concrete segment with integrated protective plastic inliner and integrated sealing profile
+ 100 % corrosion resistant and waterproof
+ Suitable for internal diameters from 2,000 mm upwards
+ Lower wall thickness and simplified work processes reduce project times and costs

Reduced wall thickness, reduced costs

The optimized production processes of Combisegments® offer potential for producing water, sewage or cable ducts more cost-efficiently.

Using Combisegments® not only reduces construction times, but also the tunnel wall thickness. The plastic inliner is cast into the mould using a special adhesive technology. The conventional additionally necessary protection layer is not needed. This means that the wall diameter of the lining ring and thus also the excavation diameter can be reduced. The Combisegments® method therefore greatly influences the construction costs. A smaller external tunnel diameter means less concrete for the segments, less excavated material and lower transportation costs.

Compared to conventional segment production, Combisegments® differ only in that they use an inliner with an integrated sealing profile, which is inserted into the mould at the beginning. This operation takes only seconds. After fixing the reinforcement cage, the grouting vent and the connecting dowels, the segment can be cast as usual.

Always perfectly sealed

During fabrication of the Combisegments®, the plastic inliner is already cast into the mould.

Combisegments® meet the special requirements of sewage tunnels by using a sealing that is integrated into the inliner, and thanks to the chemical and mechanical resistance of the inliner material. In addition to the convincing quality features, the economic benefits are remarkable, since, among other things, gasket gluing is no longer necessary after completing the segments. With each step saved, the project costs are further reduced.

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