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Prompt supply for fast advance

________________ To supply tunnel boring machines with sometimes extremely heavy construction materials, powerful transportation systems are essential. Depending on the requirements and the specific local conditions, both rail-bound and trackless vehicles are used. Maschinen- und Stahlbau Dresden (MSD), a branch of Herrenknecht AG, is a specialist for high-performance tunnel vehicles on tracks to support the logistics chain. These transport systems, which are adapted specifically to jobsite logistics, stand out due to their high transport rates and low personnel requirements.

+ Flexible, tailor-made equipment and modular vehicle design
+ Rail-bound tunnel vehicles are characterized by high transport rates and low personnel requirements

MSD: Efficiency on tracks

Efficiency on tracks with rail-bound logistics systems made by MSD.

A simple rule applies to rail-bound transportation systems used in tunnelling: high transport capacities, associated with low personnel requirements, are essential for cost-efficient jobsite logistics. Rail-bound transport systems are used for the supply and disposal of useful minerals or of excavated material and to transport segments and personnel. The modular design of this vehicle technology simplifies the repair and spare parts management and reduces costs.

Always on the right track

Each tunnelling project is unique and this is also true for the individual logistic demands on the jobsite. The rail vehicles are developed, designed and manufactured for any required track gauge and installed on site. And the technology can be optimized by additional equipment: wheel sets that are mounted on spring bearings improve the running properties and protect the tracks. The brake systems in the individual wagons are installed and the coupling system chosen in line with the respective project requirements.

Transfer systems for loading and unloading 

Unique projects ask for unique solutions.

The material handling outside the tunnel is a key factor for the efficiency of the overall logistics of a tunnel jobsite. Segment and material cranes and lifting platforms ensure the fast and safe loading and unloading of different material wagons that are part of the tunnelling logistics. MSD delivers the entire range of system solutions in this area.

Trackless vehicles

Trackless vehicles made by MSD, which are individually steerable, master even those gradients on which rail vehicles fail. MSD offers tailor-made tunnel vehicles for every purpose.

Special structures – strong finishing

Individual challenges can be mastered with tailor-made steel construction solutions. Shield cradles made by MSD place TBMs weighing tonnes in the launch shaft with millimeter precision for a precise start. A special reaction frame construction with thrust ring provides the necessary support for the actual launch process. In addition, beneath the groundwater level, the TBMs must be sealed against the earth and water pressure. Based on the broad engineering expertise of MSD, special sealing systems are mounted in the shaft for the entry and exit process.

+ Prompt final completion of the tunnel through customized back-up systems
+ Accurate TBM assembly through launch and target shaft installations, sealings, shield cradles, thrust ring and reaction frames
+ Process-optimized jobsite logistics with cranes, handling facilities, safety technology, hubs and lifting platforms for lining and repair work

Efficiency and safety define the construction of project-specific back-up installations.

Back-up systems take over important functions such as power supply, control and material handling. They also serve as special support structures and work platforms in the final completion of the tunnel. Optimally combined steel structures that are precisely adjusted to the necessary processes create a safe and ergonomic environment for smooth workflows.

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