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Mechanized shaft construction for a profitable future in mining

________________ Due to the growing demand in ores it is becoming increasingly attractive to extract underground raw material deposits at larger depths. Because modern electronic and information technologies, for example, are unthinkable without copper. Whether deposits are profitable also depends on the state of the technology used to extract ore deposits.

Currently, Herrenknecht is extending its sound know-how in mechanized tunnelling to include new applications and innovative machine concepts in mining. This opens up the opportunity to quickly access deposits at large depths. Herrenknecht tunnelling technology stands for the fast and efficient mechanized production of shafts and tunnels in all fields of mining.

Shaft Boring Technologies

Mechanized Shaft Sinking Systems: High precision under toughest conditions

Herrenknecht Shaft Sinking Systems are an innovative machine concept able to reach deposits at great depths safely and efficiently.

Implementation of mechanized shaft sinking in mine development significantly increases occupational health and safety compared to conventional processes. At the same time, it enhances shaft sinking rates for shafts of up to 2,000 m due to simultaneous process steps. With this, shaft walls can be created with almost zero overbreak compared to conventional methods.

All common lining methods can be used for securing the shaft wall. The mucking system can be selected according to the project requirements – pneumatic, slurry or mechanical mucking methods and also muck haulage to a lower level through a pilot hole.

With the innovative Shaft Sinking Systems, Herrenknecht technology meets the requirements of the mining industry – rapid construction time for deep shafts and the highest level of safety.

Mobile Boring Technologies

Powerful Shaft Boring: High performance Raise Boring Rigs

With the long-proven Raise Boring technology a broad variety of shafts in mining and civil projects can be drilled. This allows very fast and competitive construction of shafts with different diameters for various applications such as ventilation, hoisting, pressure shafts and ore passes. Even for shafts with the hardest rocks the Herrenknecht Raise Boring Rigs with their highly efficient variable frequency drives have the torque and thrust capacities needed. High performance and occupational health and safety have been core values in the de-sign of the machine.

Thanks to its compact and modular design, it can be shipped easily worldwide and delivers reliable operation wherever it is needed. In addition, customized solutions can be offered to adapt to special applications, increase automation and improve efficiency. With a wide portfolio of additional equipment, we can supply a complete Raise Boring system matching your needs and project requirements.

Mobile Boxhole Machine: Rapid and safe drilling of small diameter shafts

Herrenknecht has developed customized state of the art mining machines for the excavation of vertical and inclined slot holes and shafts in hard rock for a wide range of underground applications.

The design of the Herrenknecht Boxhole Machine focuses on high productivity, optimal machine mobility and minimal space requirements as well as improved occupational health and safety through a remote-controlled machine. The machine concept is based on the proven pipe jacking technology that has been adapted for upward vertical and inclined excavation.

For its relocation, a remote-controlled crawler unit makes the machines independent of other operations in the mine. The Boxhole Machine does not require any concrete slabs or special preparatory work before excavation begins, which leads to time and cost savings. The modular design enables high flexibility with time and space-saving setup in a confined environment.

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