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Securing the energy supply of the future

Our efficient drilling technology makes new energy deposits economical

With highly efficient drilling rigs from Herrenknecht, drilling contractors penetrate to great depths to develop new sources of energy quickly and safely.

In the search for new oil and gas deposits as well as geothermally interesting strata, hard-to-reach areas and great depths are increasingly being tackled. We are meeting this challenge with innovative onshore and offshore drilling technology – so that the ambitious development of future energy sources remains efficient. Our subsidiary Herrenknecht Vertical's deep drilling rigs are equipped with many technical innovations in the area of hydraulics and enable safe and efficient sinking of boreholes down to depths of 8,000 meters. At the same time, their high degree of automation offers very safe working conditions for the drilling crew.

Pioneering drilling technology for onshore and offshore drilling

Innovative drilling technology from Herrenknecht Vertical enables the economic exploration of energy deposits at great depths – whether in hard-to-reach regions, in close proximity to inhabited areas or in the deep sea. Our technology allows drilling operations in sensitive and harsh environments, while adhering to all applicable environmental and safety standards – thanks to application-specific adapted rig solutions.

Drilling technology for exploration

Deep Drilling Rigs
170 - 750 t
up to 8,000 m
up to 2,000 m
Soft ground Heterogeneous ground Rock

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