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All diameters, all grounds, all challenges

Gigantic road tunnels in Shanghai

Herrenknecht Mixshields for river crossings

More gigantic figures: Some 1,500 people are employed at this large-scale jobsite. 2.7 million m3 of soil are to be removed and 74,720 segments installed.

________________ So far, the inhabitants of Chang­xing river island have been dependent on the ferry service to the city district of Pudong. Two Herrenknecht Mixshields, both with the gigantic diameter of 15.43 meters, crossed beneath Yangtze River to build a road connection to the mainland. With a center distance of 23 meters, the two tunnel boring machines excavated a 7,472-meter-long tunnel withstanding water pressures of up to 6.5 bar. The Mixshields achieved top performances of up to 26 meters a day with downtimes of a maximum of 6 hours only. After a total construction period of 24 months, the machines reached their target shafts 10 and / or 12 months ahead of schedule. These two breakthroughs demonstrate that even gigantic tunnel diameters can be managed safely and excavated speedily. This is why Herrenknecht Mixshield technology is in use again for two further river crossings. An overhauled Mixshield (S-569) is connecting the Pudong free trade zone with the city district of Puxi Boashan; further south, the S-666 is boring from the city district of Minhang to Fegxian on the opposite side.

S-317, S-318: best performances of up to 26m a day, 142m a week, and 556m a month

S-317, S-318: enormous accuracy – vertical deviation of 2cm, and horizontal deviation of 2.7cm from the ideal line

S-317, S-318, S-569: accessible cutting wheel arms – excavation tools can be replaced under atmospheric conditions

Top weekly performance
S-569: 94m
S-666: 118m

S-666: min. overburden of 17m

Tunnel lengths: 2× 7,472m, 2× 3,390m, 2× 1,532m

Geology: sand, clay, rubble, silt

Water pressure: max. 6.5bar

Shanghai Changjiang Tunnel & Bridge Construction Development Co. Ltd., 
Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. (STEC)


Mixshield, S-317, S-318, S-569
Diameter: 15,430mm
Cutterhead power: 3,750kW

Mixshield, S-666
Diameter: 14,900mm
Cutterhead power: 3,750kW

Navigation, monitoring

Global Tunnelling Experts
26 members of staff / 7 job profiles

Shanghai, China

Project background

Two three-lane highway tunnels with a length of 7.47 km each were opened for traffic in time for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. They bring Changxing river island closer to Pudong and connect the island’s 600,000 inhabitants to the main­land. A bridge from Changxing to the large island of Chongming completes the interlinking of the Yangtze Delta with the newly plan­ned Hu Chong Su Traffic Line. As the Yangtze is one of the country’s busiest shipping routes, it was important to make sure that the construction works did not impair inland waterway traffic. This was the reason to opt for mechanized technology in building the tunnel beneath the river.

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