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Excavation tools

Efficient and reliable excavation tool management

The professional refurbishment of worn disc cutters is one of the core competencies of the Herrenknecht cutter shops.

________________ Exchanging worn tools with high-quality replacement tools at the right time is a basic prerequisite for high tunnelling performances and the efficiency of each tunnel project. Thousands of kilometers of tunnel around the world have been successfully excavated in diverse ground conditions and in all diameters using excavation tools made by Herrenknecht.

When advising our customers in choosing the right excavation tools and replacement times appropriate for the expected geology, we fall back on our wealth of experience. Individual tools are equipped with a special system for wear measurement (DCRM) which allows for accurate and reliable forecasts. For this reason, the timely replacement can be planned in detail and damage to the steel structure of the cutterhead and / or the cutting wheel due to excessive wear can be avoided.

Everything in sight with the cutter database

Excavation tools that are worn out in projects are refurbished in Herrenknecht’s cutter shops at the company’s production sites and retransported to the jobsite on time and as needed. Alternatively, Herrenknecht delivers individual components or the complete cutter shop in the form of a container system for direct on-site refurbishment. If necessary, Herrenknecht specialists take over the extensive training of the customer’s personnel. The refurbishment and replacement of tools is recorded in detail in a professional cutter database. Wear and tear as well as the corresponding costs can be monitored precisely, and future maintenance and replacement intervals can be planned in detail.

These services are rounded off by technical consultancy in specific areas. This makes it possible to develop intelligent, projectspecific excavation strategies for the interplay between contact pressure, advance rate and other key tunnelling parameters, whereby cutter wear and the resulting wear costs can be reduced.

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