Tuneles Urbanos de Girona
Spain, Girona
2010 – 2011

The Spanish high-speed railway network is the longest in Europe. A highspeed train connects Madrid with Barcelona via Zaragossa. Via the Perthus Tunnel (two Herrenknecht Double Shield TBMs) a connection is crossing the Pyrenees to the French Perpignan and further to Paris. What was missing was the connection from Barcelona via Girona to Figueras on the Spanish-French border.

A large-diameter Herrenknecht EPB Shield (diameter 12.11 meters) set of to work for a tunnel under Girona. The machine with the name "Gerunda" stated tunnelling in April 2010. After 2,900 meters the machine arrived in the target shaft as early as July 7, 2011.

A Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine by Herrenknecht (VSM) was part of the project as well. It sunk a total of four vertical shafts with a diameter of 5.95 meters and a depth of up to 17 meters. During the EPB tunnelling, the shafts were used to perform injection drillings to stabilize the ground. The shafts had to be sunk right in the middle of Girona's residential buildings with only very confined space for the jobsite at a distance of only 1.2 meters to the next building in some cases.

In January 2013, the high-speed link Barcelona - Figueres was put into operation.

Data Sheet

Country, Location

Spain, Girona


2010 – 2011


Railway, Ventilation and access shafts


Soft ground
Loamy coarse clay, sandy clay, marl, clay, boulders

Tunnelling length

3,181 m

Machine Data

1x EPB Shield:
Diameter: 12,110 mm
Lining method: Segmental lining
Cutterhead power: 6,300 kW
Torque: 44,082 kNm

1x Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine:
Diameter: 5,950 mm
Lining method: Shaft construction
Cutterhead power: 400 kW
Torque: 85 kNm

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