The conquest of the underground

At Herrenknecht we only know one way: the way forward

Our tunnelling technology paves the way for a world in which underground infrastructure opens new horizons for humanity.

Around the globe, huge challenges await tunnel builders and miners underground. Whether beneath the Gotthard massif, the Yangtze River or the complex pipeline network in New York – with tenacity, irrepressible will and the highest level of professionalism we boldly go forward together with our customers. To master every small and large underground construction project, the technology leader Herrenknecht, with 5,000 employees, develops project-specific tunnelling technologies that turn visions into reality. For this reason, clients, contractors and planners around the world rely on our partnership and trust our brand promise:

Pioneering Underground Together

The experts for mechanized tunnelling

As the leading premium supplier of comprehensive technical solutions in mechanized tunnelling, Herrenknecht is the first port of call for underground infrastructure projects around the world. For all diameters, in any geology and in all application areas – railway, metro, road, utility (supply and disposal), pipelines, hydropower, mining and exploration.

Ideally prepared for the future underground

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In order to always be close to your projects and jobsites, with 70 locations we are represented on all continents. Personal contact and personal support are an integral part of our comprehensive service philosophy. We are convinced that constant proximity to the market and projects is a decisive factor for your success.

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The full range of competencies
in tunnelling

We offer the complete product portfolio in mechanized tunnelling technology. Under the umbrella of the Herrenknecht Group, a strong team of highly specialized individual companies provides individual solutions for all aspects of tunnelling that optimally complement our expertise.

For you as a contractor and client this means a comprehensive range of services and products. We call this »full range tunnelling« – because you flexibly get exactly the services you need. Any time. Anywhere. From a single source.

Measuring, navigation and data management systems

Belt conveyor systems

Lining segment mould systems

Specialists for tunnel construction

Multi-service vehicles

Mould systems

Sensors for tunnelling and construction machinery

Auger Boring Machine

Deep Drilling Rigs

Separation Plants

Smart Automation

A story that keeps moving forward

1977 – In the beginning: an idea

When Martin Herrenknecht founded Herrenknecht GmbH in 1977, no one knew the groundbreaking success that would set in motion. From the passion of a small team of technology-loving engineers, a globally operating group developed. The thirst for progress created milestones in tunnelling technology. And from the courage to prove themselves evolved masterpieces of tunnel construction. But that's nowhere near the end of the adventure: the future promises more.

1977 to 1987

It is said that every beginning is difficult. That was no different with Herrenknecht. But the passion and pioneering spirit of the start-up phase quickly paid off. What's good is convincing, after all. Only two years after launching, with six employees Herrenknecht hit the first million in sales in euros. This was followed by numerous technological advancements and in 1984 the first foreign subsidiary in Sunderland, England.

1988 to 1997

The second Herrenknecht decade was clearly distinguished by growth and further development. In all areas. More employees, more innovations, more orders, more subsidiaries and more locations. The decade was crowned with a world record: for the construction of the 4th Elbe River Tunnel, the world's largest Mixshield (14.20 meters in diameter) was used – designed and built by Herrenknecht.

1998 to 2007

Pioneers lead the way and go on ahead. Always moving forward. We created the best prerequisites for leading the way with the transformation from a limited liability GmbH to an AG stock corporation as well as a strategic orientation toward Asia. That quickly had an effect. Thus, for Herrenknecht the millennium ended with a milestone: the market leadership in mechanized tunnelling technology. But resting on our laurels is not our way of doing things. We keep moving forward. Always. The epoch-making Gotthard Base Tunnel, the new diameter world record of 15.43 meters in Shanghai, the first geothermal deep drilling rig or the innovative Direct Pipe® method – Herrenknecht's pioneering technology ensures continuous progress underground.

2008 to 2017

30 years after the founding of the company and countless records later, it is hard to believe that this can still be topped. The family-owned company Herrenknecht has become a figurehead of the German economy and a prime example of a globally active hidden champion. But Herrenknecht continues to move forward. We established ourselves in new markets with our Exploration and Mining business areas. In Doha, for the first time 21of our EPB shields were in operation at the same time. In Hong Kong we again raised the record diameter to 17.6 meters. With the Eurasia Tunnel under the Bosphorus and the Hallandsås Tunnel in Sweden, once again we completed absolute pioneering projects. And enthroned above them all: the final breakthrough on the Gotthard Base Tunnel. 

Today and the future

After four decades, Martin Herrenknecht's team now comprises around 5,000 employees in more than 30 countries. And all of them are working together with you to create the next milestone underground. A new chapter is being written. It's going to be very exciting.

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