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With the new Herrenknecht.Connected customer portal, Herrenknecht tunnelling technology users can get digital performance reports and worldwide insight into the operators' cockpit monitors at any time and from any location.

The Herrenknecht.Connected analysis tools provide users of Herrenknecht machines, equipment and services with comprehensive insights into all key parameters, processes and events anywhere in the world. With TBM.Connected, SBR.Connected and further solutions, the first digital products of the new portal are available worldwide. The core function of these digital tools is to allow jobsite and project management to monitor all data relevant to tunnelling, regardless of location and time. This includes a wide range of automated analysis functions, comprehensive dashboards and detailed sensor data evaluations. The customer portal is being continuously developed to reflect user requirements and benefits in the best way possible. In addition, individual customer solutions can be implemented at any time via Herrenknecht.Connected.


On jobsites, at headquarters or via mobile from anywhere in the world – click on the tunnel boring machine's sensor data, including all installed systems, on your device. TBM.Connected is your digital application for modern jobsite management and enables project-specific visualizations, performance-relevant reports and historical TBM data analyses at any time


TBM.Connected offers the correlation of all sensor data of advance-related Herrenknecht products in one single application. It thus connects and combines the data from the tunnel boring machine, including the installed navigation and monitoring systems , such as TUnIS (VMT), SSP-E, DCRM, and many more. Using add-on modules, the TBM data can be easily integrated with peripheral Herrenknecht equipment such as separation plants or belt conveyor systems. We offer you a central, digital solution with which you can efficiently coordinate your jobsite at all times. Our preconfigured web solution is ready to use without any additional installations.


With TBM.Connected you can connect on your local jobsite or to all your active jobsites worldwide, without losing time and conveniently from your current location. With your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can thus keep an eye on your projects and machines all the time. Check the performance of your machine, monitor tunnelling data or download sensor data analyses – TBM.Connected offers you all this bundled in one application. So TBM.Connected allows quick, project-specific visualization and historical analysis of all relevant TBM data. 


In this way, anytime and anywhere in the world, we bring the operators’ control cabin to your display nearly in real-time and offer historical and current sensor data analyses by means of interactive dashboards and clear reporting.

TBM.Connected supports the entire site crew as well as management entities at headquarters. Site supervisors and managers can use the digital tool to more easily keep track of site processes and make decisions with the help of descriptive analytics.

Worldwide insight into the machine operator's cockpit monitors

The most important key figures summarized on one screen.
(History & Status Quo)

Central access to numerous preconfigured reports

Comprehensive creation of sensor data charts with just a click

Display of the TBM alignment and its possible deviation from the tunnel route.
(only with TUnIS package purchased from VMT)

Map visualization of the current TBM position on the projected tunnel alignment.
(only with TUnIS package purchased from VMT)

Management of sensor information and data exports



Convenient real-time logging and evaluation of shift activities


Increased efficiency through maintenance optimization


Managed information for all excavation tools


Every part just a click away

Additional equipment

All relevant information for your Herrenknecht peripherals


Forming your progress in segment production


All relevant information on tunnelling progress and ground surface settlement

3D visualization

Meaningful three-dimensional visualization of your tunnel

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The standard bundle for effective networking of your tunnel boring machine. Whether it's an EPB Shield, Mixshield or any other type of machine, TBM.Connected is your tool for optimal monitoring of the advance of one or several machines in a construction project.


SBR.Connected is the ideal data tool to take innovative shaft boring technology for modern mining to the next level. Entering the excavation and shaft lining areas can thus be minimized even further.


Your data portal for machines up to 4.80m in diameter. Keep track of your machine fleet at all times and retrieve charts, tunnelling data and analyses conveniently with just a click.


You can purchase our belt conveyors for your TBM drive or completely independently as a stand-alone tool. Conveyor.On gives you access to conveyor volumes, belt system overviews and all visualizations of the control cabin.

Illustration of an EPB sign, which also provides a view of the interior

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Steffen Dubé President and General Manager Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.
Gerhard Goisser Commercial Manager Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, Inc.

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Steffen Dubé President and General Manager Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.
Gerhard Goisser Commercial Manager Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, Inc.