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Raise Boring Rig (RBR)

Rapid, systematic and secure shaft construction

Geology Rock

The Raise Boring Rig (RBR) developed by Herrenknecht is designed for the construction of shafts in rock down to 2,000 meters in depth. Thanks to its compact design, it offers high flexibility even under space constraints and is therefore suitable for various applications in the mining industry. It has proven its worth with its modular design and its efficient center-free drive. Connection shafts for mining or penstocks for pump storage power plants can be constructed quickly and safely.


Safely into the depths

To begin with, the rig is installed above a starting point for the shaft using a transport system or a crane. It sinks the pilot drill vertically or at a downward angle of up to 45 degrees with the drill bit. Depending on the drilling depth, further drilling rods are installed progressively, until the target in an already existing tunnel or cavern is reached.

Subsequently, the pilot drill bit is removed in the cavern and the reamer is fixed to the drill string. After completion of the assembly work, the rig pulls the reamer on the drill string upwards. The rotation of the rods is transfered to the cutterhead, thus excavating the rock. The muck falls down and can be easily removed. In this way, the entire shaft is extended upwards from the bottom with the diameter of the reamer.

Functional principle

Variable frequency electric drives
Planetary gearboxes
Pipe handler
Guide columns
Thrust cylinder
Main drive

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Wide range of applications

Mechanized shaft construction will become increasingly important in a wide range of applications thanks to this innovative technology. The Raise Boring Rig creates shafts for the transport of muck or ores, conveyor shafts, supply shafts for energy, water and air, or headrace shafts for hydropower plants - safely, precisely and cost-effectively.

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