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Process data management

Information systems for more control during tunnelling

All advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal control and continuous improvement of construction processes

  • Always keep an eye on costs and risks

  • Network man and machine for improved communication

Efficiently control mechanized tunnel projects

Every tunnel project represents an extremely complex process in which all individual steps must follow a precise master plan. Constant monitoring at all stages of the construction process and providing near real-time information to all involved are therefore extremely important. With highly sensitive multi-sensor networks, information and monitoring systems optimize all tunnelling processes. They provide contractors with the basis to keep an eye on all key construction and production processes. 

Through its subsidiary VMT, Herrenknecht has a variety of process automation and risk mitigation systems for all of these needs. They include, for example, a system for deformation monitoring on the surface, but also the modular production and logistics management system SDS (Segment Documentation System). It manages and follows the life cycle of every single segment from production to installation in the tunnel. SDS ensures compliance with quality and documentation standards, enables optimal use of resources, prevents errors and thus reduces costs.

Always have the entire process in view

In the tunnel and on large jobsites, the networking of processes and the availability of all relevant data in real time play an increasingly important role for construction coordination and safety. VDMS (VMT Data Management System) provides a higher-level system for process data management.

With its analysis and visualization functions, VDMS was specifically designed for TBM tunnelling. The core function of VDMS consists of the merging, evaluating, displaying and archiving of all process data from a mechanised tunnel construction project. Sensor data from all TBMs, data from other systems (e.g. from surface monitoring), excavation, personal data, shift data and others.

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