We take responsibility out of conviction

Our perception of ourselves requires us to be an integral part of society and to take our social duties seriously.

Strongly rooted in the location of Schwanau and the surrounding region, as a family-run business we are aware of our responsibility for people and the ecology. Our long-term and sustainable thinking is reflected in our support of education, the environment and society. Martin Herrenknecht leads the way with personal commitment as a driver in many areas.

Knowledge points the way to the future

Education & Science

Education and science are central to social and economic progress. That's why we not only champion the personal and professional development of our up to 180 trainees, but also financially support young talents outside the company for school and student education projects – both nationally and internationally.


acatech (German Academy of Science and Engineering) represents German science and engineering at home and abroad. The work academy sets itself the goal of supporting the transfer of knowledge between science and industry and encouraging the next generation in science and engineering. As a member of the acatech Senate, since 2014 Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht has advised the Academy in strategic matters.

To the website https://en.acatech.de/

Herrenknecht scholarships at universities

We financially support technical education at various colleges and universities. Among other things, we provide funding to students at Carolo Wilhelmina in Braunschweig (Brunswick), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and the RWTH Aachen for stays abroad, to study at foreign universities and for internships abroad on jobsites or in engineering offices. In addition, the founder and Chairman of the Board of Management Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht personally supports the ALS research chair at the Berlin Charité hospital.

Max Planck High School, Lahr

"High-tech in the classroom" – under this motto, Herrenknecht provides funds for the teaching of science and technology subjects at the Max Planck High School in Lahr. Martin Herrenknecht supports practically oriented teaching in physics, chemistry, biology and geography with 35,000 euros per year.  Since 2011 we have been co-organizers of the school's annual Engineer’s Day, giving young people an insight into technical careers.

To the website www.max-planck-gymnasium.de

Endowed Chair in Petrophysics at KIT

With the creation of a foundation, Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht established the "Technical Petrophysics" chair at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with the purpose of giving important impetus to research in the field of geothermal energy.

To the website www.agw.kit.edu

A man in front of a blackboard explains something to his trainees.
acatech building
People walk in front of the Charité hospital in Berlin.
A teacher and pupil are talking and looking at a book.
Martin Herrenknecht sits at a table in the KIT and explains something to the students.

In harmony with nature

Environment & Resources

As the market leader in mechanized tunnelling technology, we not only set new standards in terms of safety and efficiency, but also promote the responsible use of resources and the environment. Thus, our TBM remanufacturing operation is a groundbreaking and key contribution to more sustainability in the entire tunnel building industry.

Our technology has one goal: to create sustainable connections. Whether transport infrastructures for the transport of people and goods, efficient supply and disposal systems or pipelines – our sophisticated technologies and methods are designed to intervene in nature as little as possible.

In times of scarce fossil fuels and continuously rising energy prices, the demand for innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption is growing worldwide. We are therefore a member of the initiative "Energy Efficiency – Made in Germany", which was set up by the Federal Government as an export initiative for energy efficiency. Our products are developed in an energy-efficient and energy cost-saving way.

Our deep drilling rigs in the Exploration business area create major prerequisites for the targeted development and exploitation of new energy sources. With innovative technology and the funding of a chair for technical petrophysics in Karlsruhe, we are committed to the development of deep geothermal energy throughout Germany and Europe. Because geothermal energy is one of the most efficient renewables and, thanks to its permanent availability, is able to cover the base load in the electricity grid. 

At our headquarters in Schwanau, we have been using a shallow geothermal system for heating and cooling administrative buildings for many years. With this we generate 324,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year and save 31 tonnes of CO2 a year compared to conventional heating systems. Additionally, since 2005 and 2007 two photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the factory buildings have been producing around 251,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Remanufacturing proven premium technology

In our remanufacturing facility, after project completion we professionally rebuild proven machines and components for reuse. This opens up new potential for our industry and is economical, environmentally friendly and good for the carbon footprint of your construction project.

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Best conditions for peak performance


Move forward, get ahead, achieve success. We actively promote competitive sports in Germany. Herrenknecht financially supports outstanding athletes to create the best conditions for peak performance.

Johannes Vetter

(* March 26, 1993)

Javelin thrower; supported by Herrenknecht since 2017.

Greatest successes:
Silver at the 2015 German Championships in Wattenscheid, 4th place at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, second-best javelin thrower in track and field history with a 94.44 meter throw in Lucerne in 2017, gold at the 2017 World Championships in London; bronze at the 2019 World Championships in Doha. 

To the website: www.facebook.com/johannes.vetter.official

Malaika Mihambo

(*born on February, 3, 1994)

Long jumper; supported by Herrenknecht since 2021.

Greatest successes: 
Gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games; World champion 2019 (Doha, distance: 7.30 m); overall Diamond League winner 2019; silver medal at the European Team Championships 2019 (Bydgoszcz, Poland, with the best distance of the competition: 7.11 m); European champion 2018 (Berlin, distance: 6.75 m); German champion 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2016; German indoor champion 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018; German sportswoman of the year 2020 and 2019.

In addition to the long jump, Malaika Mihambo competes also in sprint disciplines.

Website: https://www.malaika-mihambo.com

Copyright: picture alliance/Gladys Chai von der Laage

Dominik Oswald

(* February 17, 1997)

Trial biker; supported by Herrenknecht since 2017.

Greatest successes: 
Gold at the 2014 and 2015 Junior World Championships; gold at the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Junior European Championships; silver at the 2017 World Championships in Chengdu, China; gold at the 2019 European Championships in Il Ciocco, Italy; gold at the 2019 UCI Urban Cycling Championships in Chengdu, China.

To the website: www.dominik-oswald.com

A man throwing a barrier with an audience in the background.
Johannes Vetter throwing a barrier with an audience in the background.
Malaika Mihambo competing and giving two thumbs up.
Dominik Oswald trial biking on the Herrenknecht site with an audience in the background.

For the common good


Not everyone enjoys the privilege of a healthy and orderly life. We therefore support sick and disadvantaged children and adolescents in particular to help them create a more worry-free life and equal opportunity.

On the occasion of a gala to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary, Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht launched a fundraiser for the organization. By July 2012, 87,000 euros had been donated. The supporters included employees, contractors, partners of the company and the Chairman of the Board of Management himself.

Children's cancer support organization Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Freiburg

Since the summer of 1998, Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht has supported the maintenance of a parish in his hometown of Schwanau, Allmannsweier with a private donation.


For several years, we have regularly supported various aid organizations with financial resources. These include Germany's Relief Coalition, Doctors Without Borders, People for People – Karlheinz Böhm's Ethiopia Aid, SOS Children's Villages, Unicef as well as the UN Refugee Agency.

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht is privately financing a five-year ALS Basic Research Fellowship at the Charité Berlin.

Certified sense of responsibility


Highest standards of quality. Sustainable use of resources. Maximum safety at work. At Herrenknecht, responsible behavior is evident in all areas. Leading management systems confirm our compliance with all statutory regulations.


In addition to the following certificates, we also hold other technical approvals confirming the high level of safety and quality at Herrenknecht.

Quality of the highest standard

Responsibility for the environment

Safe and healthy working environment

Careful use of resources

Unique reman cycle makes your underground infrastructure projects greener

Ecovadis sustainability rating

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