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Deep Drilling Rigs

Efficient drilling technology to explore deep energy deposits

Pull Force
170 - 750 t
Excavation Depth
up to 8,000 m

Deep Drilling Rigs in operation

Both oil and gas fields and geothermal energy sources can be explored using deep drilling rigs. The operation of the rigs, however, poses specific demands on the environment and the surroundings. As a subsidiary of Herrenknecht AG, Herrenknecht Vertical specializes in the construction of deep drilling rigs, which are individually designed and manufactured to customer specifications. The deep drilling rigs can be used for onshore and offshore drills to depths of down to 8,000 meters.

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High-tech made to measure

The innovative deep drilling rigs made by Herrenknecht Vertical have several advantages in comparison to conventional rigs, both for exploratory drills in oil and gas fields and for deep geothermal energy projects. They are specifically adapted to customer and project requirements offering high technical standards based on offshore technology and a number of new developments. Central features comprise an optimized safety concept (hands-off technology) and flexible energy management, comprehensive automation of working processes as well as integrated noise protection measures. Thus, the deep drilling rigs set the benchmark in terms of cost-efficiency, safety and environmental protection.
In addition, Herrenknecht Vertical offers an extensive range of mechanical and electrical additional components and a global service network for optimum jobsite support.
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