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Raise Boring Reaming Heads and Cutting Tools

Boosting reaming efficiency

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With its proven expertise in cutterhead manufacturing, Herrenknecht has developed a new generation of reaming heads and cutting tools to complete the raise boring system. While the reaming head as well as the cutters are designed to optimally fit the Herrenknecht Raise Boring Rigs, they comply to the industry standards and are therefore suitable for a wide range of systems and applications.

Modularity and wide diameter range

Due to their modular design, the reaming heads are available with a wide range of diameters from 1 – 8 meters. Furthermore, Herrenknecht will adapt the reaming heads to specific project requirements upon request. Due to their modularity the reaming heads are easily transportable underground.

Increased lifetime and efficiency

The bearing capacity of the cutting tools has been increased and, thus, the cutters’ lifetime. The bearings are exchangeable for cutter refurbishment, which increases the overall operating efficiency.

Remote monitoring for optimized reaming

Designed to meet challenging project requirements, the reaming heads are optionally equipped with remote monitoring systems. The load on the reaming head’s stem can be monitored in real time. Load data collected from the stem and displayed to the machine operator can be used to optimize machine operation, e.g., to prevent overload in difficult ground. Also in real time, the rotational speed and temperature of raise boring cutters can be monitored. Worn or damaged cutters can be localized easily enabling optimized maintenance intervals and machine operation.

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Wide range of applications

Mechanized shaft construction has become increasingly important in a wide range of applications. The Herrenknecht Raise Boring Rig and reaming heads boost the efficiency of shaft construction for the transport of muck or ores, conveyor shafts, supply shafts for energy, water and air, or headrace shafts for hydropower plants - safely, precisely and cost-effectively.

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