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35 years of engineering competence for groundbreaking developments


Technical progress is leading us into the future

________________ Herrenknecht plays a leading role on the world market in research and development. Our focus is placed on the specific requirements of our customers and their projects, on long-lasting and responsible technical progress and high problem-solving competency. This entails building and work safety, increase in efficiency and performance, profitability and great respect for the environment. All parameters combined are the decisive features when developing innovative drilling methods and mechanized tunnelling technology. Building upon our ongoing research work and our outstanding engineering know-how, and working closely with our customers, we build underground infrastructures in all ground conditions, at all depths, with the specifically required curves and the horizontal, vertical or inclined route lengths needed. Increasingly at locations where it would have been unimaginable some decades ago.

In close cooperation with all relevant partners, planners, universities, clients and construction companies we develop holistic concepts creating the basis for constant development in mechanized tunnelling. In this way, together we pave the way to the future, supporting a powerful and growing industry.

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