Tilburg Noord-Best
Netherlands, Tilburg
2021 – 2022

The innovative E-Power Pipe® method enables construction companies to install cable protection pipes underground with minimal impact to the environment. The E-Power Pipe® has impressively proved its strengths in the Tilburg Noord-Best high-voltage cable protection pipes project for TenneT in the Netherlands.

In the Dutch region of Brabant, grid operator TenneT is expanding the power grid. Higher transmission capacities are needed to cope with rising consumption in the region and because more and more electricity is generated from renewable sources. Between Tilburg Noord and Best near Eindhoven, the existing overhead line is being replaced by an underground line. At the premiere of E-Power Pipe outside Germany, the new method set a new record at this construction project: grid operator TenneT, contractor NRG and subcontractors Denys and Kouwenberg used E-Power Pipe to drill two sections, each 2,000m long at a depth of only 2m. With a diameter of only 505mm, this drilling distance at this shallow depth with the required precision is a pioneering novelty worldwide.

Data Sheet

Country, Location

Netherlands, Tilburg


2021 – 2022




Soft ground (sand, soil)

Tunnelling length

4,800 m

Machine Data

1x AVNS 350XB
Diameter: 511 mm
Tunnelling length: 2 x 400 m (2021), 2 x 2,000 m (2022)
Lining method: E-Power Pipe®
Cutterhead power: 22 kW
Torque: 10 kNm

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