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Under the motto »Pioneering Underground Technologies«, at bauma 2013, the largest construction machinery trade show, Herrenknecht is presenting the latest in tunnelling technology and references from tunnelling projects worldwide. On an area of 1,330 square meters the Group is showing everything to do with mechanized tunnelling that reliably gets pioneers underground to project breakthrough. Some new products will be displayed on the outdoor stand at the Munich trade show (April 15 to 21, 2013). Meeting point: Hall C3, 415/514 and in the open air area north.

Schwanau, Germany, April 15, 2013. At bauma 2013 Herrenknecht is focusing on the Group's eight most important areas of application. These include the construction of tunnels, shafts and galleries for roads, railways and metros, as well as for supply lines, hydropower plants and mines. The latest technology for the laying of pipelines and for the development of oil and gas resources is also part of the product portfolio. Herrenknecht is showing project references from around the world, from all diameter ranges and geologies. Clients, consultants and contractors can satisfy themselves that the Group provides solutions for all project profiles. The ongoing development of metropolitan areas is increasing the need for underground infrastructure, and thus the global importance of tunnelling.

Under the motto "High-tech in Action" the most important innovations can be seen on the outdoor stand, including a Boxhole Boring Machine for the construction of production shafts in mines as well as Pipe Express®, a method for the near-surface laying of pipelines. In a three meter deep walk-in shaft it will be possible to see how Pipe Express® works. Pipe Express® has received the bauma 2013 Innovation Award.

Herrenknecht is presenting itself as a full-service provider. In addition to the core products excavation systems in the three markets of tunnelling, exploration and mining, all Group brands in the areas of additional equipment and service will be presented. These include: VMT (Navigation, Monitoring and Process Data Management), H+E (Conveying Systems), Vertical (Deep Drilling Rigs), Formwork (Segment Production Systems), MSD (Rolling Stock Systems), Bohrtec (Auger Boring Machines), GTE (Jobsite Personnel), Euroform (Segment Production Equipment), Genesys (Navigation Sensors), TechniMetal (Multi-service Vehicles) and Schäfer + Urbach (Mud Pump Units).

Innovation Award 2013: Pipe Express®

Mit With Pipe Express® Herrenknecht AG has developed a new semi-trenchless method for the laying of pipelines. In comparison with the open-cut construction method it needs a considerably smaller route width, requires no groundwater lowering and has less impact on the environment. This has a very positive effect on the construction costs for network operators. Because of the particularly eco-friendly and cost-effective method of operation, the development of the new system is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment. Pipe Express® has received the bauma 2013 Innovation Award from a panel of experts. In semi-trenchless construction, with Pipe Express® over 1,000 meter long pipelines with a diameter of 900 – 1,500 millimeters (36" - 60") can be laid. A tunnel boring machine loosens the soil, which is transported to the surface via an attached trenching unit. At a speed of up to 1.20 meters per minute the pipeline is simultaneously laid underground. Pipe Express® can fully exploit its advantages e.g. in projects where the water table is only a few centimeters below the surface, where boggy terrain predominates or where conservation plays a special role. An original Pipe Express® system will be on display at bauma at booth N519/2 in the open-air area North.

Fast and precise – the new Herrenknecht Boxhole Boring Machine

A large number of vertical or inclined upwards small-diameter slot holes need to be excavated in many underground mines worldwide. To this end, Herrenknecht has developed and made use of a new Boxhole Boring Machine (BBM). Its concept is based on the proven pipe-jacking technology.
With the new BBM Herrenknecht has significantly increased operator safety compared to previous methods, while the compact design means it can be used even when space is very restricted. Furthermore higher production rates can be achieved using the Herrenknecht BBM, resulting in significant time savings in producing shafts. In its first use in the Cadia East gold mine in Australia, in 17 hours the two-man team set up the machine, drilled the 16.5 meter shaft and dismantled the machine again. At booth N519/2 in the open-air area North Herrenknecht shows a BBM1500.

Used machines with quality seal: Herrenknecht Approved

The new »Herrenknecht Approved« certificate give contractors additional security when buying used AVN machines and HDD rigs as well as the corresponding containers and power packs. Used machines get the seal after they have been thoroughly checked in line with proven Herrenknecht quality standards and the original functional state has been restored. The Approved seal guarantees the full functionality of Herrenknecht used machinery and includes a nine-month warranty. Herrenknecht specialists at booth N519/2 in the open-air area North will use a rebuilt AVN to provide information about the Herrenknecht Approved concept.

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