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Amu Darya River Crossing
Turkmenistan, Karabekaul
2009 – 2010
Pipeline record

Two Herrenknecht HDD Rigs laid the largest ever pipeline diameter under extreme time pressure in the forbidding veld of Turkmenistan near the border to Afghanistan and Usbekistan. The customer is greatful for the dedicated service by the Herrenknecht engineers during the entire project. The jobsite is completed by a Pipe Thruster as well as efficient separation plants.

At the end, after six months, the project success is shared: A pipeline with a diameter of 56 inches was pulled through a borehole with a diameter of 72 inches and a length of 1,705 meters. The pipeline crossed under the 800-meter-wide River Amudarja and completed the Malay-Bagtiyarlyk-Passage of a new gas pipeline running over 700 kilometers form China to Turkmenistan.

Data Sheet

Country, Location

Turkmenistan, Karabekaul


2009 – 2010




Soft ground
Heterogeneous ground
Sand, sandstone, loam

Tunnelling length

1,705 m

Machine Data

1x HDD Rig:
Diameter: 1,422 mm
Lining method: Pipeline
Pull force: 250 t
Torque: 90 kNm

1x HDD Rig:
Diameter: 1,422 mm
Lining method: Pipeline
Pull force: 400 t
Torque: 120 kNm

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