Mumbai Water Tunnel
India, Mumbai
2009 – 2010

The water supply in the suburbs of Mumbai was planned to be improved by local construction projects for freshwater tunnels. The freshwater pipeline between Veravali in Andheri East to Rock Beach and the Yari Road in Andheri West was planned to operate from 2011.

Two Gripper TBMs with diameters of 3,000mm and 2,800mm drove several freshwater tunnels in Mumbai’s northeastern suburbs. Since rock strengths of up to 250MPa had to be mastered rather fast along the overall 9.7-kilometer-long tunnel sections, two Herrenknecht Gripper TBMs were first choice.

With diameters of 3.0 and 2.8 meters, they are the smallest Gripper TBMs ever designed and manufactured by Herrenknecht. In June 2010 the final breakthrough occurred which meant that the households can be provided with the long awaited freshwater via the new pipelines in 2011.

Data Sheet

Country, Location

India, Mumbai


2009 – 2010




Rock, basalt

Tunnelling length

9,766 m

Machine Data

1x Gripper TBM:
Diameter: 2,800 mm
Lining method: Rock support
Cutterhead power: 630 kW
Torque: 1,400 kNm

1x Gripper TBM:
Diameter: 3,000 mm
Lining method: Rock support
Cutterhead power: 700 kW
Torque: 1,250 kNm

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