Bassin du Rouailler Livry-Gargan

Economical follow-up deployment thanks to adaptive machine engineering

The task

A long-term Herrenknecht customer successfully completes a hard rock project in Chile using an AVN2000 adapted for the specific project. The machine is then to be reused for a construction project in Livry-Gargan near Paris. But there are huge differences in the specified project parameters. In collaboration with the customer, the original TBM engineering concept is adapted so as to enable realization of the subsequent project using the existing equipment.

  • Project name: Escondida Water Supply Project (Chile)
  • Machine: Extended AVN2000AB (M-1909M) with container (M-1910C) plus 1 additional AVN2000AB with container
  • OD pipe: 2,500 mm
  • ID pipe: 2,000 mm
  • Excavation diameter: 2,571 mm
  • Tunnel lining: Pipe jacking
  • Application: Water (connection to desalination plant)
  • Geology: Rock (up to 250 MPa)
  • Contractor: CSM Bessac S.A.S
  • Project name: Bassin du Rouaillier, Livry-Gargan (France)
  • Machine: AVN2000AB (M-1909M from Bessac) with container (M-2139C from SADE, incl. specific project upgrade)
  • OD pipe: 2,400 
  • ID pipe: 2,000
  • Excavation diameter: 2,465 mm
  • Tunnel lining: Pipe jacking
  • Application: Sewage
  • Geology: Soft ground, clay, sand
  • Contractor: JV Bessac & SADE CGTH

The Herrenknecht service solution

In close collaboration with the customer, the service experts at Herrenknecht display comprehensive engineering expertise in adapting the machine. The soft ground conditions in Livry-Gargan demand modification and supplementing of standard equipment.

In order to safely pass through the soft local geology in Livry-Gargan, the hard rock cutterhead is replaced with a suitable standard cutterhead. Furthermore, the AVN2000 is obliged to overcome a very tight curve radius of 100 meters in the alignment route along an excavation distance of 80 meters. To this aim, Herrenknecht manufactures an additional articulation joint back-up tube for the customer. The “UNS Software Module Clothoide” navigation software is specially installed on the control container computer for the curved drive. An experienced Herrenknecht TBM operator also controls commissioning of the equipment and the drive. A surveying expert from our VMT subsidiary is temporarily engaged for the tight curved stretch. Machine adaptation and services ensure that all drives can be realized efficiently.

Project advantages

  • The solution competence offered by our service experts and flexible development of AVN technology allow for the economical reuse of TBMs despite entirely different project conditions.

  • Equipment for hiring and buying available at Herrenknecht means a high degree of flexibility for companies, even for drives to be realized at short notice.

  • Experienced Herrenknecht operators as well as equipment specialists at its subsidiaries provide the customer with comprehensive support and expertise during commissioning and tunnelling. 



Jack Brockway President and CEO Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.
Gerhard Goisser COO Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, Inc.

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Jack Brockway President and CEO Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA Inc.
Gerhard Goisser COO Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, Inc.